What Stairway Medical does

Stairway Medical is a Swedish medicotechnical startup company founded in 2020 by medical and dental research innovators in continuous collaboration with the Innovation and Holding units at Lund University. We develop medicotechnical solutions for upper airway patency to promote safety, comfort, predictability, efficacy and credibility during procedural sedation for unpleasant diagnostic or therapeutic interventions. Our invention, STAIRWAY, is the only useful medicotechnical device for airway patency during procedural sedation.

Millions of procedural sedations are carried out in Europe alone each year. The total number of procedural sedations is rapidly growing in response to higher demands all over the world, and increasing numbers are run by non-anaesthesia professionals outside hospitals.

Although procedural sedation is commonplace, it is no simple task. We have recently carried out a survey in almost one hundred anaesthetists frequently involved in procedural sedation in three healthcare regions in southern Sweden. Airway and respiratory problems are common during sedation. It is often hard to adapt sedation levels to individual needs without causing patient discomfort, interrupting the procedure, or inducing airway occlusion calling for rapid and appropriate manual airway management. Accordingly, an effective medicotechnical device for mechanical airway patency during procedural sedation is considered most desirable.

Maintains open airways regardless of sedation level
Can be used in any body position
Is well-tolerated also awake and at light or moderate sedation
Enables supply of oxygen and sampling of carbon dioxide
Is easy to use after a brief instruction

Who Stairway Medical are

CLINICAL: Our innovative solution for upper airway patency during procedural sedation has been developed by medical and dental experts with long practice and deep knowledge of airway management based on our mutual experience of effective bedside measures for airway patency during general anaesthesia, various levels of sedation, normal sleep, and dental and dentition care.

ACADEMIC: All innovators are involved in airway-related preclinical and clinical research – two as professors in anaesthesiology and intensive care medicine at Lund University, and in dentition physiology at Malmö University – in close collaboration with other researchers and the innovation units at Lund University and Malmö University.

BUSINESS: In addition to the innovators, the board of directors comprises experts in innovation management, in marketing, and in business and sales management. Other crucial competence is acquired externally based on contractors.